Boring 3d Printing: Ceiling Cable Covers

Time for some slightly boring, but useful, 3d printing. The Problem When I wired the house, I was planning on adding ceiling mounted wifi access points. However, in the end, I didn’t use them. So we were left with a few cables hanging out of the ceiling. After a while, we stopped noticing them 😀Continue reading “Boring 3d Printing: Ceiling Cable Covers”

Enamelling Experiments

I’ve been having a busy time in general recently, but I’ve finally got back to making things. I’ve been meaning to play with enamelling for a while. I ordered some WG Ball transparent enamelling powders (clear+red+blue) a while back to play with. The firing process is pretty quick: 800-810C for about 3 minutes. Of course,Continue reading “Enamelling Experiments”

Making a Pinecil case

I got one of these nifty wee Pinecil USB-C soldering irons for Christmas They’re really quite cool: temperature controlled by an embedded RISC V processor, USB-C powered (using modern high power supplies). I even got some extra pointy tips for it: This left a problem: what do I store them in? The boxes they arrivedContinue reading “Making a Pinecil case”

Useful Kiln Tools + Beeper Upgrade

Kiln Beeper I installed a mini beeper in my kiln and adjusted the software to beep letters in Morse code depending on the stage of the program. I just used the same transistor+resistor+5v supply design as for the SSD control line to prevent damage to the pi. Kiln Tools Roll of cake making acetate: useContinue reading “Useful Kiln Tools + Beeper Upgrade”

Upgrading my Jewellery Kiln

I have a small “Prometheus Pro-1 PRG” Jewellery kiln for experimentation and artwork. Its a programmable kiln, which allows you to have programmes with multiple cycles of heating and cooling over time, which is essential for glass fusing. However, the user interface leaves something to be desired: At the bottom you’ll see there’s a 4Continue reading “Upgrading my Jewellery Kiln”

New Tools!

I’ve been struggling with a pair of worn out snips for all my snipping/wire stripping needs for years. For some reason I didn’t realise that I could just.. order something better. I’ve now rectified this. From left to right: “Proster SN-28B” Dupont crimpers (and set). They’re not a brand I recognise, but seem to workContinue reading “New Tools!”

New Tool! Jewellery Kiln

I’ve wanted one of these for ages, so I decided to buy one a couple of weeks ago. I went for a “Prometheus Pro-1 PRG” which is a small, comparatively cheap desktop kiln: Its ideal for a beginner. I paid a bit more for the programmable controller since I need some multi-stage programmes for someContinue reading “New Tool! Jewellery Kiln”

Boiling Water in a Vacuum at Room Temperature

My Vacuum pump and chamber arrived! I went for a Bacoeng 3 CFM Single Stage Oil Filled Rotary Vane Pump (BA-1) and a slightly more expensive tempered-glass-topped 6.8L vacuum chamber. I could have got the slightly cheaper perspex topped vacuum chamber, but this wasn’t that much more expensive. The glass one is safe against variousContinue reading “Boiling Water in a Vacuum at Room Temperature”

My Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus 3D Printer Upgrades

This is inspired by the “Prusa i3” range of 3D Printers. Even though its cheaper, this one still has a solid metal structure. I’ve heavily upgraded it: It would probably have been cheaper to simply buy a slightly more expensive printer, but I’ve gained an awful lot of knowledge on maintaining 3d printers doing itContinue reading “My Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus 3D Printer Upgrades”