Wood Turning Lathe!

I’ve always wanted one of these. When I was wee, we went on tour round England visiting various relations, and I remember being very impressed with a lathe. I’ve no idea which relation it was, unfortunately, but I do remember the lathe. I decided to order one from the UK rather than direct from China,Continue reading “Wood Turning Lathe!”

Making a Hammer

Nicola bought me a present for my birthday: a hammer making course at Athelstaneforge! I really enjoyed it! It was a pretty intense few hours though: hitting chunks of hot metal with a sledge hammer to shape the head, followed by grinding and polishing it, and finally adding the handle. Would very much recommend it!Continue reading “Making a Hammer”

Two Wee Woodworking Tools

I used a few offcuts to add some new woodworking tools: Plane Stop I bolted a length of the construction timber to my bench with some “star nuts” and spare M10 carriage bolts. The idea is you put one end of the thing you’re planing against it so it can’t move. Japanese Sawhorses More offcutsContinue reading “Two Wee Woodworking Tools”

Restoring a Table

I’ve been watching a lot of restoration on Youtube recently: AT Restoration, Hand Tool Rescue to name a couple. I thought I’d give it a go: there’s an old side table that’s been in the family for ages: at some point it seems to have been slightly incompetently covered with thick white gloss paint, butContinue reading “Restoring a Table”

Building a Drawing Machine

I quite fancied one of these AxiDraw drawing machines, but at the price they go for, I couldn’t really justify it. However, I did some looking around and found this home-made version: I can definitely justify making one myself. I already had a Keyestudio CH340 Arduino Nano clone and Keyestudio CNC shield v4 in theContinue reading “Building a Drawing Machine”

A Map of Arrakis (Dune)

For my next project I wanted something more complicated. As the new Dune film is out, and I’m a total Dune fan, I thought a map of Arrakis would be pretty cool. The Map Unlike Mars, there’s no geo data for Arrakis as (a) it doesn’t exist, and (b) no one’s done it yet :D.Continue reading “A Map of Arrakis (Dune)”