Cyanotype Attempt #2

I tried the Cyanotype process again. I used the same method as before, with the following improvements: I had sponge brushes to paint the fluid on the paper consistently. I made sure not to leave any “pools” on the paper. I sandwiched things between my two new A4 glass sheets to fix any focus issues.Continue reading “Cyanotype Attempt #2”

Cyanotype Attempt #1

A Cyanotype is an early photographic method which yields a characteristic Prussian Blue image. It is literally how you make a “blueprint”. I’ve done this before on a small scale, but I’d forgotten the exact quantities required. Luckily, NileRed has a reasonably comprehensive video on the subject, so please do watch that! Basically, you mixContinue reading “Cyanotype Attempt #1”


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