The Perils of cheap Ebay stuff, or, why doesn’t my MAX31855 thermocouple board work?

I’ve been playing around with Type K thermocouples for a project. These are cheap, commonly available, and can read a temperature range from –270C to 1260C (though it depends on the exact thermocouple). It looks similar to this (you stick the metal pointy end in the hot thing): The above is a Type K thermocouple,Continue reading “The Perils of cheap Ebay stuff, or, why doesn’t my MAX31855 thermocouple board work?”

New Tools!

I’ve been struggling with a pair of worn out snips for all my snipping/wire stripping needs for years. For some reason I didn’t realise that I could just.. order something better. I’ve now rectified this. From left to right: “Proster SN-28B” Dupont crimpers (and set). They’re not a brand I recognise, but seem to workContinue reading “New Tools!”

Turning an old Amazon Kindle into a eink development platform

I fancied getting an eink screen to use for future projects. I bought a wee one with a raspberry pi “hat” attached. However, I realised later that I could maybe just re-purpose an old Amazon Kindle ebook reader. I’ve messed with Kindles before, ages ago: I ported an Infocom interpreter and a Manga reader toContinue reading “Turning an old Amazon Kindle into a eink development platform”


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