Boring 3d Printing: Ceiling Cable Covers

Time for some slightly boring, but useful, 3d printing.

The Problem

When I wired the house, I was planning on adding ceiling mounted wifi access points. However, in the end, I didn’t use them. So we were left with a few cables hanging out of the ceiling.

After a while, we stopped noticing them 😀 But its not really a great look.

The Solution

I decided some circular discs bolted into a rod within the ceiling would work to conceal these, but still leave the cables usable at some point in the future. So I designed these in Fusion 360 and printed ’em:

Basically the circular plate is visible on the ceiling, and its bolted into a rod+nut within the ceiling to stay attached. There’s a piece of string holding the two together so it doesn’t ping off into the ceiling void. Finally, the ethernet cable itself is zip tied onto the rod, again so it doesn’t get lost in the ceiling.

The final picture above attempts to illustrate the thing mounted using some spare pieces of OSB as the ceiling plaster/plasterboard.

Finishing Touches

Although its pretty good, a chunk of circular plastic in the ceiling doesn’t blend in quite as much as I wanted. So I used the die cutter to cut some paper discs and glued them into the installed cable blanks.

The paper discs can then be painted to match the rest of the ceiling.

This is one installed, although not painted yet:

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