New Tools!

I’ve been struggling with a pair of worn out snips for all my snipping/wire stripping needs for years. For some reason I didn’t realise that I could just.. order something better. I’ve now rectified this.

From left to right:

  • “Proster SN-28B” Dupont crimpers (and set). They’re not a brand I recognise, but seem to work really well in my testing.
  • Pair of neat little “ENGINEER NS-06 112mm” Japanese snips; they’re sharp and have a little lever to limit the blade distance.
  • “Boenfu 150mm” larger snips.
  • I splashed out on a really nice pair of “Klein Tools Katpult” wire strippers, because I absolutely hate faffing about with snips to strip wires. These are manufactured in the USA and even have a website: their articulation is really quite lovely.

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