Knitting Machine: Needle Movement Controller Design

I’ve been busy in Fusion 360 this morning. Previously I had mocked up a design for the needle movement controller on my whiteboard: This morning, I’ve been translating this into a “Sketch” in Fusion 360: I designed the left hand side and then simply mirrored the design to create the right hand side (remember, itContinue reading “Knitting Machine: Needle Movement Controller Design”

Nikon DSLR to Lomo Biolam Microscope Adapter

The actual project I wanted to do was attach my Nikon D90 SLR to my Lomo Biolam microscope. However, I had to detour into fixing the microscope first, as described here. Once I had that working, the actual adapter was pretty simple. I started off using a toilet roll tube and some masking tape asContinue reading “Nikon DSLR to Lomo Biolam Microscope Adapter”

Restoring a 1977 USSR Lomo Biolam Microscope

“In Soviet Russia, Microscopes”.. er wait. I inherited this from my dad. It has quite a few condenser attachments as well as a nice set of sample slides. Some research on its serial number (N773137) implies this means it was manufactured in 1977.. so the 3137th microscope of 1977? The thing is built like aContinue reading “Restoring a 1977 USSR Lomo Biolam Microscope”

Knitting Machine: Needle Movement Analysis

I had a look into how the needle is controlled by the carriage in this video (I’ve removed a few needles to help with the video). Obviously the yarn wouldn’t actually pop up on top (it would be caught beneath the bed), but it shows what happens. There are four “needle positions” on my machine:Continue reading “Knitting Machine: Needle Movement Analysis”

Knitting Machine Project

I’ve been interested in building a knitting machine for some time, and I’ve just got round to looking into it again. I found a few other projects in this area: Knitic – this re-uses Brother electronic knitting machines. I did some research and they’re pretty expensive, even second hand. Circular Knitic – this builds aContinue reading “Knitting Machine Project”

My Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus 3D Printer Upgrades

This is inspired by the “Prusa i3” range of 3D Printers. Even though its cheaper, this one still has a solid metal structure. I’ve heavily upgraded it: It would probably have been cheaper to simply buy a slightly more expensive printer, but I’ve gained an awful lot of knowledge on maintaining 3d printers doing itContinue reading “My Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus 3D Printer Upgrades”