Knitting Machine: Needle Router Working!

Check this out!

Needle Router v2.1 Demo

I’ve actually had the main design on the whiteboard for a few weeks, but I wanted to play with other things for a bit:

This is v2.1 of the needle router. I don’t think showing the intermediate v2.0 is very interesting: the changes were important, but minor. Anyway, let’s compare the designs for v1.0 and v2.1:

  • A: Redesigned the stitch selector completely to remove the needle catching place in v1.0 and eliminate any big voids that needles could become caught in.
  • B: Switched to using some M3 knurled knobs to control the stitch selector: I happened to have these in the cupboard from my 3d printer upgrades: I have a policy of always ordering more nuts and bolts than I need!
  • C: Redesigned flapper bolt attachments so it is always able to move freely: I’m now using some oversized M3 washers to hold it on.
  • D: Moved the static bolt to a better position. I tried using a spring, but it was way too strong so I’m just using an elastic band now.

This successfully concludes this part of the design! I can think of a few minor refinements, but nothing worth printing another copy again at this stage. I’ll probably update the Fusion 360 design now though so its ready for later.

The next major piece is the Needle tip/yarn catching module: I’ll have another “movement analysis” post on that once I’ve analysed what is going on in the existing carriage.

I’ve decided to limit myself to a single yarn at this phase: its likely going to be fiddly enough to get working without coping with two or more pieces of yarn floating around. However, my end goal is definitely to have programmable multi-yarn selection.

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