Epoxy Resin Casting Attempt #3

I wasn’t going to post another of these attempts as I’d hoped to be actually doing something with it now, but as it turned out, the red owl was a failure.

It never cured properly: I figured out I’d simply not been careful enough measuring the quantities, so it remained really bendy. I had to dispose of it in the end.

So, I did it again, being much more careful. This time however, I just used the resin by itself: no sort of dye or glow in the dark powder so I could spot any issues easily.

It’s really close to perfect. The internal bubbles are completely gone, and its absolutely clear internally. It also set properly.

The places where the original owl were smooth are also really smooth in the cast item, which is interesting to know for later projects.

The only defects are a few exterior bubbles underneath the head. These appear to be from where the mould overhands slightly. I think some bubbles of air must have got caught when I filled it. In future, I’ll need to pour more slowly and carefully. I could also half fill the mould and cycle it in the vacuum chamber briefly.

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