This morning’s hacking: KDE 4.2 HDMI HDTV Overscan Fix

Ever since I switched to using HDMI/DVI to connect my HDTV to my media box, there has been a slight problem: overscan. The HDTV chops a bit off the edges of the picture, in order to hide any possible graphical rubbish which might be there (quite common with some equipment). My media box doesn’t haveContinue reading “This morning’s hacking: KDE 4.2 HDMI HDTV Overscan Fix”

A wee bit of detective work

A friend, Colin (he of the burning batteries), sent me this photo of the first PDP-7 being delivered to Edinburgh DCS: I didn’t recognise the location, but he managed to make out “Hope Park something” on the street sign. Searching for “hope park edinburgh computer science” yielded this AI history page, which reveals AI canContinue reading “A wee bit of detective work”