Tum te tum

Nicola’s out tonight so I’m at home amusing myself with films and things.

I upgraded my flat asterisk VOIP server to 1.6.x (from 1.2.x): now the VOIP client on my Nokia E51 mobile works perfectly with it (the phone VOIP stack tended to crash with 1.2.x).

So: I’ve set the E51 to transparently register itself with my VOIP server (through my wifi) whenever its in the flat: effectively it becomes a dual mode mobile+landline handset (VOIP has priority for outgoing calls as it is much cheaper) . Very nice, as my landline phone was dying anyway. I can also ring it/call other VOIP clients from round the flat for no particuarly good reason.

Hmm, maybe Nicola should get a voip capable mobile too: then we’d both have our own handset in the flat; multiple outgoing calls are no problem with this setup.

I do wonder when this sort of setup will become more mainstream… I suppose you can already get commercial routers that do some of this stuff. You can’t get them with dual DVB-T tuners, 1.5TB of diskspace, and a local jabber IM server (and all the other billion things I rely on now) though!

On an even more geeky note (if that is in fact possible), I keep reading happy Chinese New Year messages round the web. For a split second every single time I keep wondering where the rest of the hex number is. 🙂

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