I have finally ordered upgrades to my media/windowsgamey machine. Soon it shall be a quad core 4gb monster! Not ordered a new GFX card yet, but I will once more research has occurred.

I’m going to reorganise the flat network so the video is stored on the media box (as opposed to my central server). Previously the central server was where the storage was, but I can easily bung a cheap, quiet 1TB drive in the media box (note to self in past: 1TB whoo!!!! you still only have 32KB and a tape drive in that Acorn Electron!)

Really enjoyed Watchmen last night, thanks to for organising the outing. Later, there was late night tea and Japanese modelling magazines at ‘s! Although I didn’t manage to catch up on all of them….

Right now, I’m drinking unexpected wine, and watching two weeks worth of recorded Deep Space Nine (its what I do on Saturday afternoons, ok?), prior to pizza and drinks with Helen and David et al.

BTW: Absynth boat party vs. Nervenkrieg? Boat party wins!

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