Ricoh media reader under linux

Oh dear, oh dear, looks like I’m finally back to reverse engineering things again. The media reader in my new laptop supports MMC/SD/MemoryStick/XD cards. However under linux, only SD cards are supported as the manufacturer (Ricoh) won’t release the docs. I won’t be having this. The SD support is possible because the card uses theContinue reading “Ricoh media reader under linux”

Column oriented DBMS

I’ve been investigating Column Oriented DBMS systems today. These are designed for data warehousing applications (as opposed to transactional processing). They use a data storage mechanism which is orthogonal to standard row oriented DBMSes. “Normal” DBMSes are row based: they store each row of a table as a contiguous record. Column oriented databases store eachContinue reading “Column oriented DBMS”