New Year

Well, New Year seemed to go pretty well: we went round to Dave/Helen+Diego’s as usual, and caught up with them, as well as Iain,Naiad,Alex and Marianne. Both David, Diego and Helene seemed to enjoy our gift.

I took my camera to try and get fireworks pictures, but unfortunately the wind was in the wrong direction so all I managed to take was pictures of giant walls of smoke. I did get this one of Inverleith pond by night though. Thats where the Model boat club meets on Sundays BTW. I wonder how a model Cthulhu rising from the depths would go down 🙂

We also went to see Nicola’s family yesterday, which was good: I received a bottle of geniune Muscovite vodka from her Russian stepmother which I am really pleased with: I’ve wanted to try Russian vokda for a while to see if it differs from the fare we normally get over here.

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