New photos

Some new photos uploaded:

* From Chinese new Year on portobello beach last Thursday. Much Poi drunken fire excitement!
* A couple from wandering round Edinburgh now it is warm enough to venture out taking photos again.

Photos are on Flickr. oooh excitement, looks like I may finally have to get a Flickr pro account.

I’ve just implemented a new feature in my ever growing TV recording system: I download TV listings from the radio times using XMLTV and reformat them into an HTML page for me to see what is on. However I was once again having signal/noise ratio problems. Therefore I have implemented “THE BIG X”. Click on the X, and it kills that programme from the generated TV listings for ever more. Byebye ‘corrie… fuck off Hollyoaks… ahahahaah!

The TV listings seem very very empty now!

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