XBee wireless point to point link project ideas…

After recovering earlier today, I’ve been reading up on these XBee RF Modules. Effectively you can hook two of them up and get a point to point wireless serial link between them at a fairly reasonable distance. They also support some form of mesh networking, so I assume you could have loads of them scatteredContinue reading “XBee wireless point to point link project ideas…”

Gilbert U238 Atomic Energy Lab Kit (1950s)

Now, this sounds both cool and scary: it comes with four types of Uranium ore, a Geiger counter, and a booklet on “prospecting for Uranium”. There’s Uranium in them thar hills! Just noticed the text on the box: “Exciting! Safe!”.. ish! Its not quite as scary as the descrption of an X ray tube inContinue reading “Gilbert U238 Atomic Energy Lab Kit (1950s)”

Motherboard SPI bios recovery

I’ve recently upgraded my media box PC to a new funky shiny one. During the course of this, I upgraded the BIOS on the new motherboard, and it decided to fail halfway through. Result: Brick!! However, I didn’t let that stop me. The manual described a special “debug port” on the BIOS. Closer examination revealedContinue reading “Motherboard SPI bios recovery”