BT eFrame 1000

Just received my BT eframe 1000 this afternoon; set it up in the office to play with a bit 🙂

Anyway, first order of work when I got home was to open the thing and have a look. This guy has already done this, but it wasn’t thorough enough for my purposes unfortunately. (the chip with the italicsed ‘M’ is actually a MAXIM IC; I suspect the actual wireless controller may be under the tin shield somewhere)

The interesting (to me anyway) chips on the board are:

  • Nanya NT5DS16M16CS – a 256Mb DDR SDRAM
  • Hynix HY27UF081G4 – a 128Mb NAND flash
  • ST M25P32 – a 32Mb SPI flash
  • Sigmatel STDC7150 – the System On a Chip – seems to be a proprietary RISC chip.
  • Maxim 88W8388 – this is an unknown chip on the wifi board. The MAC address shows the vendor to be "Quanta Microsystems Inc", which is expected as they’re the actual manufacturer of the frame.

The Hynix is obviously the "internal memory" sported by the device; so its just where the photos/mp3s etc are stashed.

The ST chip is the interesting one; its obviously where the OS lives. Oh, and lovely, its an SPI serial flash.. well, I happen to know of a rather nifty google code project which has support for easily reading those.

Next up is to fix my pickit; the replacement MOSFETS arrived today from RS.

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