Style update

Finally got round to updating the style on my journal; I think it looks much cleaner now. I also enabled non-LJ-user comments etc.

More documentation added to pypickit, including some nice diagrams:

I’m having to wait before I can make any progress though; I managed to fry the power MOSFET on the pickit when I knocked my breadboard last nght. I’ve found a replacement part on RS, but it won’t arrive till Wednesday.

So I’m reading up on my other development board, which is based around a Cypress EZ-USB chip. I’m going to implement a mini-virtual machine on it I think, with most of the smart control software on the host side. The advantage of this over the PicKit is that it has many more input/outputs than the three the pickit supports, so it can be used to interface to more complicated things. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t have the controllable voltage feature as supported by the pickit.

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