Making a Moxon Vice

I had some spare C24 construction timber left over, so I decided to make a Moxon “dual screw” vice. This clamps to your workbench and overhangs it, and lets you do certain fiddly jobs. When its not in use, its easily stored in a corner: I had the spare wood, so why not?


It doesn’t require much:

  • Two long screws – I used cheap threaded M16 rod from Screwfix.
  • Some wood, one piece of which is slightly longer than the other.
  • Some “devices” which screw onto the rods to let you clamp pieces. I used some rather nice steel wheels from Aliexpress for the front and some plastic “star nuts” from Amazon for the back.


Not really much to it: cut the wood, drill two vaguely accurate holes and bolt it together.

The most complicated bit was cutting the larger (rear) piece of wood to have lugs that can be clamped down: however, the trusted “cutting it with the mitre saw” technique worked once more.

BTW, don’t try and speed things up by tapping the threaded rod through with a hammer – it knackers the threading!


I found the threaded rods tended to catch on the wood, so I bought some aluminium tubing to run them through: drilled the holes a bit larger to cope and inserted them. I sanded them down flush with my new random orbital sander.

Cutting the tubing without a proper vice (yet!) was “entertaining”.


Finally, this is the result:

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