Pickit2 Logic Analyser in pypickit

I’ve finally got round to implementing this in pypickit. The Microchip Pickit2 device has a built in logic analyser mode available in its Windows application. I’ve implemented support for it in my pypickit project, here. The program is called “analyser.py”. I didn’t want to have to deal with drawing bitmaps or anything in a library designedContinue reading “Pickit2 Logic Analyser in pypickit”

Merging developer keystores on the Kindle

It is obvious that more than one person will want to  write homebrew for the Kindle. However, with my (now defunct) adqdevkeys-0.1 package, it just copies the file over whatever is already there, so we can only have one set on a device at one time. Annoying! Therefore, I’ve just written a small Java programContinue reading “Merging developer keystores on the Kindle”

Switching to Virtualbox and getting Snow Leopard to work in a VM

Originally I had been trying to get Snow Leopard to work in qemu-kvm, and it kind of does; I had even thought of contributing to that project to make it work even better (e.g. the e1000 emulation does not work under Mac OS X). However, I decided that I simply don’t have the time: IContinue reading “Switching to Virtualbox and getting Snow Leopard to work in a VM”