Return to the joggler

Now that Intel have a slightly less crap driver for the Poulsbo/GMA500 chipset, with the more recent EMGD driver, I’ve converted one of my O2 Jogglers to be a touchscreen media player in the kitchen. I’m using Arch Linux, and I’ve just released some AUR packages to support it. If you install: joggler-xorg-conf linux-joggler It’ll have aContinue reading “Return to the joggler”

GAN / UMA / WIFI Calling / Signal Booster on the Galaxy S II

I’ve been happily using my Galaxy S II for the last few months, and of course I’ve replaced the original firmware with a custom one. However, recently a colleague acquired one as well. His had the stock Orange firmware, and has a special app called “Signal Boost”. Searching around, I found that this is actuallyContinue reading “GAN / UMA / WIFI Calling / Signal Booster on the Galaxy S II”


Meet my favourite new backup tool: Duplicity. It can do incremental encrypted backups to a variety of destinations, for example ssh, webdav, Amazon S3. It also seems fast compared to other solutions I've tried, and its really really simple to get going! Farewell, rsnapshot and rdiff-backup!

HD DVB-T2 terrestrial TV using the PCTV Nanostick 290e

I’ve been following this project for a while; I’ve even contributed some reverse engineering work to it. (I bought one of the devices from dabs a while back). Note that the majority of the work has been done by Steve Kerrison and Antti Palosaari. However, up until today I’ve been unable to use it as IContinue reading “HD DVB-T2 terrestrial TV using the PCTV Nanostick 290e”