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Now that Intel have a slightly less crap driver for the Poulsbo/GMA500 chipset, with the more recent EMGD driver, I’ve converted one of my O2 Jogglers to be a touchscreen media player in the kitchen. I’m using Arch Linux, and I’ve just released some AUR packages to support it. If you install:

It’ll have a kernel and xorg support customised for the Joggler. I’m running bog standard KDE on it, and it works pretty well with hardware OpenGL support. I’ve not managed to get video acceleration working though, but smplayer/mplayer plays all standard definition files fine.

The linux-joggler package has my joggler-specific patches forward ported to 3.2, so if you need them for a different distro, you can grab them from the above link (download the tarball and extract).

Here’s a pic of the setup 🙂 

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