Merging developer keystores on the Kindle

It is obvious that more than one person will want to  write homebrew for the Kindle. However, with my (now defunct) adqdevkeys-0.1 package, it just copies the file over whatever is already there, so we can only have one set on a device at one time. Annoying! Therefore, I’ve just written a small Java programContinue reading “Merging developer keystores on the Kindle”

KIF: an infocom text adventure interpreter for the kindle

Wow, this sort of  thing seems to be in the news these days! Note: I’ve updated these instructions for KIF 0.5; please see here for the release notes.. My app is different however: it isn’t web hosted, it runs natively on the kindle using the KDK APIs. As I don’t have the official KDK, you’ll needContinue reading “KIF: an infocom text adventure interpreter for the kindle”