Merging developer keystores on the Kindle

It is obvious that more than one person will want to  write homebrew for the Kindle. However, with my (now defunct) adqdevkeys-0.1 package, it just copies the file over whatever is already there, so we can only have one set on a device at one time. Annoying!

Therefore, I’ve just written a small Java program which can merge two keystores together. The source is available here. I’ve also just released a new key package for my keys using it here; I hope others will do the same!

For non-developers: there’s no real need to upgrade to my new keystore release as the keys are the same and provides no new functionality to my apps.

For developers: It assumes the keystore and keys all have a password of "password". The command syntax is:

mergekeystores <dest keystore> <merge keystore>

This will merge keys in <merge keystore> with those already in <dest keystore>, or create a new <dest keystore> if one does not already exist. All you need to do is create a keystore of your own, with your own unique alias string, and create an update package for them.

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