Knitting Machine: Needle Movement Controller Design

I’ve been busy in Fusion 360 this morning. Previously I had mocked up a design for the needle movement controller on my whiteboard:

This morning, I’ve been translating this into a “Sketch” in Fusion 360:

I designed the left hand side and then simply mirrored the design to create the right hand side (remember, it needs to be able to move in either direction).

A key complication is the moving parts (which is any piece containing a concentric circle). They’re designed to have M2 or M3 bolts (not decided yet) inserted in the concentric circles to allow them to rotate. I’ve not quite got this right yet, but its enough to be going on with for now.

I’ve not actually tried converting this sketch into a Fusion 360 solid Body yet, let alone 3d printing it, as I know its not quite right. Still, this is pretty good progress for a morning.

I’m going to leave it to rest for a bit now: I’ve found its extremely important to take breaks on a project like this, else you run the risk of burnout.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Machine: Needle Movement Controller Design

    1. At the moment just a computer controlled one.

      OOoo I did see a really interesting exhibition at the Bienalle where someone had programmed a NN with traditional Azerbaijani patterns and trained it to synthesize new ones. I think that would be, but the site seems to not be responding right now.

      Could be interesting to hook that up once I have the multi-yarn selection working.


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