KIF 0.2.1

Update: Whoops, now on 0.2.1 – just fixed a hang if you press HOME with a file selector dialogue open!

RIght, several days of hacking (hampered by catching a cold) later, here is v0.2.1 of KIF. It has had a complete screen model rewrite, so games like “curses” should now work properly. It needs testing to make sure it definitely works ok though.

New shiny things:

  • Split screen model now works properly.
  • Styled text implemented.
  • Performance tweaks in many places.
  • GUI glitches (e.g. having to press DOWN before you can select files) sorted.
  • Patches from dougbtx adding word wrapping.

What’s missing still?

  • I’ve not implemented the code for timed events; easy to do, just too late just now to do so.
  • Need to persist the game state when you hit HOME on the kindle.
  • Definitely a few top window glitches left (e.g. HELP menu in curses causes issues).

It is available from here. If you’ve already rooted+installed my developer keys, all you need to do is unzip it onto your kindle over USB. If you’re installing for the first time, please see here for instructions.

Oh, I take it you saw the story on The Register?

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