KIF: next steps

I’ve just realised that the zmpp GUI "zmpp-android" that I was basing my interaction with the VM on is obviously a very early prototype; many things are missing from it. This explains some of the curses.z5 weirdnesses I’m seeing (e.g. the quotation from Shakespeare at the start doesn’t show properly).

I need to read over the Swing source to gain insight; gonna do that tomorrow though. I’ve tried using the Swing app, and it works fine, so any glitches are my own creation and not the VM (which is a relief!).

This evening, I’ve added TextAnnotation support to the "top window". Once I check this in, the VM-supplied colours and styling information will be displayed correctly (if in greyscales :).

Unfortunately I can’t check this in yet as I am in the middle of fixing the glitches; however once that is done, adding styling support to the bottom window should be relatively easy.

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