eframe RSS working

Got the eframe’s RSS upload working now – there are two utils:

  • encoderss.py – This converts a textual RSS feedlist (see samplerssfeeds.txt) into the binary PF110.RSS file which is uploaded to the eframe.
  • transferrss.py – This commands the eframe to transfer the above binary file from your local FTP server.

The eframe actually accesses the RSS feeds itself and does all parsing etc; you just point it at the correct RSS URLs.

Looking at the tcpdumps from my router, the frame retrieves the RSS fairly frequently, and simply does a simple HTTP request for each image… so every time it changes in the RSS slideshow, it requests the image to be displayed.

The ftp server must be setup in a specific way:

  • It must run on port 20021.
  • It must have a user, "PF110" with password "QmitwPF"
  • That user must be chrooted – i.e. if you do "cd /" the user is constrained to their home directory
  • The ftp server must allow SIZE commands in ASCII mode – usually this is disabled to prevent Denial of Service problems. proftpd didn’t let you enable it, so I had to switch to vsftpd.
  • The user should have two directories in their account: "vCopyFolder" and "vRssFolder".
  • vCopyFolder is where JPGs and MP3s are transferred from.
  • vRssFolder/PF110.RSS is the binary RSS feed file as generated with encoderss.py.

I’m hoping to switch to a python FTP server (pyftpdlib) soon to remove any hassle.

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