bt eframe progress

I’ve just uploaded the latest code to It is still incomplete, and I’ve discovered several annoyances with the thing:

  1. You must send a broadcast message to locate the eframes; you can’t simply connect directly to the frame’s IP. If you don’t then the frame doesn’t receive its FTP port properly after a total power cycle! (I saw it trying to ftp to port 0, sigh).
  2. Once I got the thing running, and had an FTP server setup for it to transfer files from, I found it was issuing a SIZE command in ASCII mode – something that proftpd specifically denies to prevent DOS attacks. So I switched to vsftpd which permits you to enable that behaviour.
  3. The thing lists the contents of the "/vCopyFolder" directory. If you have a file "blah.jpg" in it, it actually tries to transfer a file calld "org_blah.jpg". However if you have a file called org_blah.jpg in the directory, then it will also try "org_org_blah.jpg" and display an error message.

3 means it needs a custom ftp server. I saw an embeddable python one about the web last week which I’ll have to pull in.

Frankly, I can perhaps see why this isn’t open; the protocol is embarassingly terrible.

Updated: just tried transferring an RSS feed list to the frame – it transferred ok, but the eframe crashed when I looked at the list! Robustness, who needs it?

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