Turn it Off and On Again

I’ve been doing a lot of interesting projects recently, so I decided to restart my blog.

I wanted to keep the old articles, mainly for my own interest: However, I think things like the etched brass domino mask I made are still pretty cool.Closeup of curve

I decided to use WordPress.com, which meant I had to rescue the old posts from Livejournal:

  • The initial import was pretty simple: WordPress.com had a tool which did it.
  • I then went through the imported posts on WordPress.com and deleted any irrelevant ones.
  • I wanted to update the old LJ, so I wrote a quick hacky tool:
    • Zap those deleted posts from LJ (data security: don’t leave stuff lying around the internet in case there’s a data leak sometime in the future!).
    • Link the remaining ones to the new blog.
  • Finally, I realised it hadn’t extracted the images from LJ, so I added more hacks to the tool to scan the content for images. I decided to just manually fix them in wordpress.com’s editor: there weren’t that many and I couldn’t be bothered figuring out OAUTH for wordpress.com API authentication.

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