Liveview teardown

OK, ok, I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to open the liveview up. Here are the pics (click for larger ones):

Front view:
View from front 

Rear view:

Front PCB closeup:

Rear PCB closeup:

It seems to be rather annoyingly common with this sort of thing to include extremely blurry photos which are no use to anyone; I hope these are a bit better. I have also noted the chip numbers down:

  • 236a 1031 2257
  • oap ti j o7pl
  • 2584a0  aa017 016 u0twn
  • cgn ti 07w 1f87
  • ST 32F103c6 8naaa93
  • F3939 Z3125

I’ve not bothered to research most of the chips, except for the interesting ST one. It turns out to be an ST STM32 32 bit ARM Cortex MCU, which have loads of docs available here (site doesn’t work in chrome BTW). Since the device can function as a USB “gadget” for firmware updates (hold both buttons on powerup), I had wondered if it also supported USB host (a bluetooth accessible USB host capable device with a wee display could be rather handy). Unfortunately, as an STM32F103, it only has USB “gadget” capability.
Not really so interesting to me then. however, if anyone wants to mess with it, I see there are what looks like test points for Serial Wire Debug under the battery, so it should be possible to down/upload new firmwares to it (e.g. using something like this).

Actually, that page mentions the bus pirate; just off to order one myself, which should save me a hell of a lot of faffing about!

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