Android OTG support

This evening, I’ve decided to go back to my older codebase with the load/unload modules to switch between device and host mode approach. There are several reasons:

  1. I’d like to get this kernel development done and released and on to interesting userspace apps finally!
  2. The main reason for switching to codeaurora was because it offered the hope of powering the USB bus from the phone. I’ve just discovered this simply doesn’t work on the hero. Codeaurora did this by connecting to an RPC endpoint on the radio-ARM: when I try this on the Hero, it simply cannot connect, i.e. the radio software doesn’t support that sort of operation
  3. There are a fair number of changes between the hero-2.6.27 and codeaurora-2.6.29 trees: far too many for me to be be sure it’ll work for certain on the Hero.

Therefore, I’m just going to sort out my older patch and get that going.

HTC are supposed to be releasing android 2.1 support for the Hero on 16th April, which may make it easier to backpoint the codeaurora code to give “proper” OTG support. However, I don’t know how likely it is they would add the missing USB power switching code to the “radio ARM” software.

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