Distracted by the joggler ….

Hi, apologies to anyone wanting the Hero USB stuff, I’ve been distracted by messing with the O2 Joggler this week. This is a 512Mb 1GHz Intel Atom based capacitative touchscreen web tablet with 1Gb of internal storage, USB host and 802.11n WIFI. And its £50 ($76US) right now!

Its originally developed by OpenPeak, and runs linux 2.6.24 with a proprietary flash-based GUI shell on top. So obviously I (and others) have been busily getting other things (Arch for me, Ubuntu netbook remix, Mer, Android etc) to work on it. Here are some useful resources:

I’ve so far ported various patches from other people into Grub2 so that it can display the menu in the EFI firmware (Note that USB keyboards won’t work unless you interrupt the boot).

I’ve diagnosed the mysterious "crackling noise" as noise from the CPU caused by idle states, as discussed here. I found adding processor.max_cstate=3 to the kernel command line makes it stop.

Finally, I’ve also ported the ALSA audio codec setup code from the original openpeak source into 2.6.32, and will submit to upstream ALSA when its ready. My patch against 2.6.32 is available here right now (this patch fixes the i2c bus as well).

I’m now working on backlight control and light sensor support.

So again, sorry about the interruption to the USB work, however I’m nearly done with the joggler 🙂

Updated: Moved the patches to my adqmisc googlecode project and split them up.

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