Edinburgh Bus Tracker Update

 Just released a new version which I’m hoping will fix the crashes I (and others) have been seeing in the nearby stops map.

The problem was I had switched to a double-buffered redrawing system in order to hugely increase the performance. Unfortunately, I required four buffers which were the same size as the screen display to double buffer the red and the grey stops (they need to be drawn separately). This seems to have put the memory allocation close to the edge that I am allowed in Android, and it occasionally is pushed over it, resulting in a force close.

So, as a side-effect I have had to disable the grey stops drawing, thus cutting the memory I need in half, hopefully eliminating the problem. 

Also, I just had to update my python scripts since there are now 65 bus services! Its a good job I updated the database format a while back to cope with >64 services…

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