Android userspace development and USB summary

I was asked for a summary of my USB patches: basically they work on the HTC Hero under 2.6.27/Android1.5 with a few small issues, and should be portable to other 1.5 kernels without too much hassle.

Android2.1 support is going to have to wait until HTC release a 2.1 kernel for the Hero as that is the only android phone I have. I /have/ tried a few of the ROMs based on the leaked 2.1 builds (I liked the especially). However these are all using binary kernels; as I need to modify the USB source quite a bit, I can’t do it without the kernel source the binaries were built from.

If anyone else wants to have a go in the meantime for other phones, have a look at the codeaurora 2.6.29 tree;  it has full USB OTG function/host drivers (no software switching, but I doubt that’d be hard to do).

In the meantime, I’m going to mess with some android userspace development now; I want to get coding apps to *use* the usb driver. I suppose normally you’d start at userspace and THEN move to the kernel, but I always end up doing the reverse 🙂

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