Etch tank v3.0

Woo, finally, here is v3.0 of my etch tank:

The main features/improvements of this version are:

  • Sensible 1.5L capacity (v1.0 was something stupid like 5L).
  • Tank now has a cover during operation.
  • Now using air stones instead of air curtain; the stones don’t tent to float about in water so much.
  • Dual airstones – provides much better coverage for perturbation of etch mixture
  • Hand made grille to hold airstones in place/ rest etch source metal on.
  • Selectable airflow volume control – previous versions had a binary airflow control model.
  • Water heater.
  • Useful carrying handle!

Jenners kitchen etching equipment section were having a sale 🙂

I’d better get on with designing the damn etch now!

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