We went to Cramond today; got the 41 bus there and walked down. Had a look at what was left of the the Roman fort, which seemed infested with Dowsers.

After that, we walked up the River Almond until we got to the main road, and had something to eat at the Cramond Brig… which was fine for a meal when hungry after a walk, but nothing worth talking about.

I took another panorama, which I feel is better, but I had the camera on the wrong setting (shutter priority as opposed to totally manual), so the colour varies along the length of it.

I also played about with my 10 stop filter. Click the piccy to see more: .

This evening I intend to rest and do some more tent oriented research. I was hoping to get on with porting the python USB library to the N770, but I’m a bit tired for that. However, I installed the N770/Maemo SDK this morning ready to get going on it.

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